Terms of Use

SemasaTV is a free video hosting website that enables users to access, view, upload, store and share videos.

If You want to be able to upload videos and access some other features of the SemasaTV Service, You will need to first create a SemasaTV Account and have your email address validated. You will then be a “User”, being though agreed that after having created Your SemasaTV Account and until You have validated Your email address according to the process defined below, You will be a “Viewer” and will not be able to upload videos or access the other features of the SemasaTV Service.

If You are a User, You may notably upload video files (that must be compliant with these Terms) on the SemasaTV Service, and have a nickname and an avatar that will be associated with Your SemasaTV Account. Any and all elements posted by You on the SemasaTV Service are deemed to be “Your Content.” However You or any third party will still have the ability to embed Your Content on any website through SemasaTV video player.

For the entire period during which Your Content is hosted on the SemasaTV Service, You grant to SemasaTV, and transferable to its affiliates, the non-exclusive rights to reproduce, represent, stream, replay (including offline display without permanent download), exploit, exhibit, show, market, distribute and to technically modify and  compress Your Content as is strictly necessary for the purposes of the viewing and/or streaming of Your Content on the SemasaTV Service.

Despite this allowance, Your Content shall always remain Your property. Please note that due to the nature of the Internet and digital media, data transmitted – including Your Content – cannot be protected against risks of misappropriation and/or piracy, for which SemasaTV shall not be liable. You are responsible for taking all appropriate steps to protect Your data, where applicable.

In its capacity as a web hosting service provider, SemasaTV is under no legal obligation to monitor content uploaded on the SemasaTV Service, nor obligated to actively seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal content, but shall forthwith remove or disable access from its SemasaTV Service to any infringing content once having been notified of its existence.

SemasaTV reserves the right to decide in its sole discretion whether Your Content, Your SemasaTV Account and/or Your use of the SemasaTV Service violates these Terms for any reasons other than copyright infringement, such as, but not limited to, pornography, obscenity, or excessive length. Failure to comply with these Terms may result in (i) Your Content being removed and/or (ii) Your SemasaTV Account being deactivated and/or (iii) any elements or data related to Your Content or to Your SemasaTV Account being modified or removed (i.e. allegedly infringing username, metadata considered inappropriate, etc.) from the SemasaTV Service, without prior notice. In addition, SemasaTV reserves the right to report any violation of these provisions to applicable legal authorities and You may be personally liable to criminal sanctions applicable to the content in question (fines and imprisonment), in addition to any applicable civil damages.